BLDG Services Group offers varied levels of service depending on the clients particular needs ranging from building operations and time based maintenance to commisioning services and project design and execution.  We can assist your building operator and managers in the operation, repair, maintenance and optimization of your commercial building assets and we specialize in complex building controls and systems that require a system based approach for diagnostics and repair.

Service from BSG include:

  • Building Operations

  • Safety Systems Calibration and Maintenance

  • Site Supervision and Walk Throughs

  • Combustion Analysis

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Control System Supply, Support and Optimization

  • Time Based Maintenance

  • Building Systems Integration

  • Mechanical and HVAC Repair

  • Power Monitoring Systems and Support

  • Refrigeration Systems Maintenance and Repair

  • Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

  • Heat Pump Maintenance, Repair, Re-Manufacture and Testing

  • Mechanical Retrofit Design

Building Owners

Property Managers


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